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Boeing 737
Our A320 cockpit procedure trainer is centered around an accurately modeled 3D model of the A320 cockpit. The cockpit responds and behaves like the real aircraft (including sounds, lights, screens etc.) to provide the user with a realistic training environment.
FlightDeckToGo™ for Airbus A320 is based on generic OEM procedures.
The procedures available include the following Normal Procedures and Memory Items:
Normal Procedures:
  • Preliminary Cockpit Preparation
  • Cockpit Preparation
  • Before Pushback or Start
  • At Start Clearance
  • Engine Start
  • After Start
  • Taxi
  • Before Takeoff
  • Takeoff and After Takeoff
  • Climb
  • Cruise
  • Descent Preperation
  • Descent
  • Aircraft Configuration for Approach
  • After Landing
  • Parking
  • Securing Aircraft
Memory Items:
  • Loss of Braking
  • Emergency Descent
  • Stall Recovery
  • Stall Warning at Lift-Off
  • Unreliable Speed Indication
  • GPWS Cautions
  • (E)GPWS Warnings
  • TCAS Warnings
  • Windshear
  • Windshear Ahead
Other procedures or tailoring to operator specific procedures may be done upon request.
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“I’ve been teaching in simulators for 4 decades. One third of the time in the simulator is spent just getting comfortable, learning where things are, learning flows, and not flying. If the students came to the simulator already comfortable in their new environment, we could spend much more time up on motion, flying, running non-normals, and practicing CRM.” 
Captain Mike Barksdale
UAL/CAL (retired)
“Research has shown aviators trained with the help of 3-D environments were able to maintain better situational awareness and improve skill performance, long term memory, retention and recall ability.”
Lori Brown
Associate Professor, Western Michigan University (VRARA White Paper)
 “Learning all the flows and procedures at home, before going to the simulator, is a game changer! FlightDeckToGo will undoubtedly make training on a new aircraft less stressful and frankly more enjoyable.”
CA Rob Pikowski
Boeing 787 APD/Line Check Airman
“That’s the way we’ve always done it won’t continue to work when it comes to airline pilot training. Now is the time to use new technologies to help bridge the experience gap, effectively allowing new pilots to gain tremendous experience in less time.”

H M Kassab
Boeing 787 pilot, world citizen, aviation expert
Man looking onward in VTR googles
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