Better, faster, stronger pilots.
It’s not science fiction.
It’s VTR training.

Today’s pilots deserve today’s technology.

We create simulator-ready pilots.

Training pilots using VR changes everything

We provide airlines and their pilots with modern tools that improve efficiency and success in training. Our virtual reality platform, FlightDeckToGo, provides pilots with an immersive, completely portable, virtual flight deck.
Pilots learn faster and retain more knowledge than with traditional training.
We make VR training easy to implement and easy to learn.

Get up to speed faster.

Get up to speed faster.

83% faster learning.

VR task training is proven to be an average of 83% faster than traditional learning methods

- University of Michigan Medical School in partnership with Cybernet Systems

Know what you know, longer.

Know what you know, longer.

Eight months after training:

Students retain 80% of Kinetic Learning with VR headsets

Students only retain 30% with traditional visual and auditory learning

- Dr. Aki Nikolaidis

Time is money.

Time is money.

Commercial airlines using VR training can save $3 million (or more) every year in pilot training costs.

(Estimated projections based on 1,000 pilots per year.)

The world is your flight deck.

The world is your flight deck.

Our VR headset is 100% portable and packs into a small (11x14) case. We are the only cordless, completely portable, VR pilot trainer on the market.

See what VR pilot training can do for you.

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