The ties that bind.

Untethered VR flexes student training.

Who wants to be tied down? Certainly not pilots. They’ve embarked on a career that allows them to soar above the earth. They’re accustomed to living within a regulatory environment while also captaining the ship. So, why are flight training departments tying down pilots with antiquated virtual reality training devices?

VTR’s proprietary headsets have everything students need in a fully mobile VR headset. Once charged, the devices don’t require a computer connection, don’t require cables or cords – and don’t even require a Wi-Fi signal. This feature allows maximum flexibility in the training environment. Training departments can allow the students to train solo, without dedication to a place or time. Training organizations don’t need to schedule attendance in a computer-based training classroom. This feature allows more flexibility for both students and human training resources.

As we developed FlightDeckToGoTM, we took the input and feedback from pilots in training departments and on the flight decks. We learned that both trainers and students sought a product that removed the shackles of huge mainframe computers and training devices. So, we created a fully untethered device. Something that can be used as a stand-alone training device. Something that doesn’t need to be scheduled. Something that will never tie your pilots down.

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