Big Brother.

LMS integration improves student tracking and training scenarios.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if students studied? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if they were prepared? Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure every minute of a full-motion trainer was being used effectively?

It’s possible.

The revolution started in ground-based systems training. Many airline training departments have transitioned from instructor-led, in-classroom environments to computer-based iPad training modules. Why? Two major reasons: First, multiple studies support that self-paced computer-based training performance far exceeds in-person classroom environments. And second, it can significantly reduce overall training costs.

But, even within this revolution, what’s something that’s remained? The systems exam. The exam serves as the “gate” to the next phase of training. And what does the computer-based training allow flight training departments to see? Time spent on the module, practice quiz scores, and myriad internal data factors.

Therefore, we took this approach to our flow-based headsets. Now training departments can set flow-based gates. Our headsets can integrate directly with Learning Management Systems. Airlines can download individual student data. How many times did the student practice the flow? Was the student successful on the first attempt? Where did they get stuck?

This feature allows training teams to monitor individual student performance, and allows an opportunity to set gates before specific training events. Ensure each student has accomplished a set of tasks to a specific standard before moving to something such as Flat Panel Trainers. So, flows now have an exam. Exactly what training departments needed.

Even better – instructors can aggregate the data. Are students struggling in a particular flow? Where do they get stuck? Why? Bring this information back to the lead instructors for reinforcement.

Increase student knowledge and increase internal intelligence. Win-win.

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