VTR Receives Enthusiastic Reception from Professional Airline Pilots

Private demos of VTR's 737 FlightDeckToGo™ at a Female Aviator's networking event inspired enthusiasm and momentum for pilot interest in the newest training technologies of VRFDs.

"I'm honestly just blown away", one aviator mentioned, "this is what we have been waiting for. It's exactly what we need."

Another indicated "I can't believe this exists and we don't have it yet. It's exactly how we should all be learning flows and procedures. I cannot wait for this to come to my airline!"

While the private VTR demos were not a formal part of the networking event, the general interest in the concept and desire to try it suggests a strong grassroots demand from Commercial Pilots themselves.

"The future of Aviation has arrived. It's here today." -CA. Evey Cormican, VTR Co-founder & CEO

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