Visionary Training Resources Debuts Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye at EATS 2021

Visionary Training Resources Debuts Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye at EATS21

Visionary Training Resources (VTR), a leader in VR pilot training, is demonstrating the latest in VR hardware at the European Airline Training Symposium taking place this week in Berlin. The hardware for VTR’s latest iteration of their FlightDeckToGo™ pilot trainer is supplied by Pico, a world leader in VR hardware innovation.

VTR’s Chief Technology Officer, Captain Rick Parker, explains the significance of the new headset. “VTR began our journey in 2017 with the goal of bringing modern technology to pilot training. Initially, our vision was handcuffed by the limitations of the early hardware which required expensive computers, wires, and remote sensors, all carefully calibrated in a dedicated space. We teamed up with Pico in late 2019 and immediately implemented the Pico Neo 2 Eye. That headset was transformational for VTR and allowed our airline and ATO partners to simply ship a small case to their pilot students. The Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye is the obvious evolution of that already excellent product. The faster CPU, higher refresh rate, doubling of motion sensors and more memory all in a lighter weight package really demonstrates a mature VR experience for our customer’s pilots. We cannot wait to get the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye deployed to the field.”

VTR will be providing demonstrations of their FlightDeckToGo featuring the new Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye at EATS21 Booth 503 November 2 and 3rd.

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