CEO and Co-Founder Evey Cormican interviewed by The Pilot Network

CEO and Co-Founder Evey Cormican interviewed by The Pilot Network. TPN host Captain Matt Swee uncovers the major pain points of Commercial Airline Training in the post-covid arena, and how options such as VTR's FlightDeckToGo™ can help with training footprint bloat and quality.

"We talk with Evey about how VR significantly improves the quality of training for airline pilots, the gear needed for someone to get started using VR training, and opportunities to get involved with her project. Listen to learn about the future of training for commercial pilots."

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VTR connects with Fort Lauderdale OBAP ACE Academy
June 11, 2024
Visionary Training Resources (VTR) collaborated with the Fort Lauderdale Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) ACE Academy at the Spirit Training Center on June 10, 2024.
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VTR Partners with Atlas Air to Deploy VR Training
April 26, 2024
On April 29, Visionary Training Resources (VTR) has partnered with Atlas Air to deploy Virtual Reality (VR) headsets with the proprietary FlightDeckToGoTM. Atlas Air recently started using the VTR Boeing 737 product. This was achieved through a collaboration of in-house subject-matter-experts and flight training leaders at Atlas Air, to build a custom Atlas Air Boeing 737 flight deck with Atlas procedures and checklists.
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Visionary Training Resources and Breaking Down Barriers introduce Dallas-area students to pilot training
March 28, 2024
VTR CEO Evey Cormican has pledged a generous donation to Breaking Down Barriers (BDB). Aligned with BDB’s mission to enhance aviation outreach and awareness by introducing aviation concepts to K-12 students in the Dallas metroplex, VTR is providing two Virtual Reality (VR) flight deck headsets.
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