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Marketing, Social Media, Business Development Intern

Location: Virtual/Global

About Us:

VTR is the first and only Virtual Reality Aviation Training company of its kind. Founded by two International Airline Pilots, VTR seeks to offer the most revolutionary Commercial Pilot training experience available.

Using our completely untethered FlightDeckToGo VR training headset, VTR augments commercial airline simulator training by offering the opportunity to simulate flows, procedures, and checklists at home, while also increasing both the exposure time a pilot has to their flight deck and the quality of retention in training.

In short, we are seeking to revolutionize how Airlines and ATO’s are training their pilots, and we believe at-home VR is the key.

The Experience:

Due to rapid interest and global expansion, we are seeking intern candidates interested in learning the ins and outs of marketing and sales in the cutting-edge business environment of digital marketing.

While working with us, you will learn the latest skills and trends associated with Facebook Advertising, Professional Blogging and lead generation through organic google/SEO practices, LinkedIn, Facebook / Instagram, and brand management.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the building of a global aviation business empire as we continue to rapidly expand across the globe.

As a VTR Marketing Intern you will be included in weekly social media, digital marketing, and sales strategy sessions, while also gaining valuable experience deploying these methodologies at an enterprise level.

Additionally, you will be exposed to business development concerning brand building and management, pilot, airline, and ATO reach out, and training and strategy with team members from around the world, to include:

Tampa, FL, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, Holland, Dubai, London, and Germany.

Presently our client list includes the cities mentioned above, as well as Lithuania and South America.

This opportunity would be ideal for anyone interested in Aviation, Tech, International Business and Sales, Start Ups, Digital Marketing or Social Media Management (or, ideally, all of the above!), and is flexible in time commitment depending on the applicant’s desire to move forward as a for-credit internship, or volunteer status.

Who we’d love to meet:

Startups, by their very nature, tend to be demanding labors of love. Everyone on our team is held to the highest expectations of commitment, passion for our product and company, and dedication to the desire to make Commercial Aviation a better and ever-safer place.

If you are interested and passionate about Aviation, Business, Startups, Marketing, Social Media, Brand Management, or Sales, we would love to hear from you!

While we are open minded to any and all applicant talent, those interested in Aviation will have the most to gain, as almost all on the job experience and learning will involve the language of Aviation, which is quite dense and technical.

We are a company who values unique perspectives, critical thinking, and continuous desire to learn and grow each and every day. If you are passionate, committed, and global thinking, we have no doubt you would make a fantastic asset to our team!

To apply, please submit all resumes and cover letters to: