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Train on a new aircraft from anywhere BEFORE the first simulator session

Train on a new aircraft from anywhere BEFORE the first simulator session

FlightDeckToGo delivers lasting results by creating a realistic, immersive flight deck for trainees. The flight deck is customized to their newly assigned aircraft and airline, allowing them to learn from any location.

Immersive training is proven to increase performance. Using FlightDeckToGo, pilots build muscle memory and spatial awareness, resulting in increased standardization and training program efficiency.

Revolutionizing pilot training has never been so easy

1. Contact us to get started.

2. We send the headset to your pilots.

3. Pilots immediately begin learning flows and procedures.

Better training builds better pilots

The airline industry is transforming. We’re transforming how airline pilots are trained.

With FlightDeckToGo, pilots get more training without additional time, cost, or travel when compared to traditional training methods.

is next generation training for the next generation of airline pilots.

We reduce unpredictability and costs for airlines by providing highly standardized pilot training and better preparing pilots for simulator training.

There’s nothing virtual about our results.


80% of kinetic learning in VR headsets is still retained (vs 30% of visual auditory learning).

- Dr. Aki Nikolaidis


Task training in VR achieved training events 83% faster with almost non-existent re-train rates.

- University of Michigan Medical School
in partnership with Cybernet Systems


FlightDeckToGo is 100% portable. It is the only cordless flight deck on the market. Experience unlimited access wherever you are.

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